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My role is to form a link between swing coaching and physical training. I am not a golf coach and so I only wish to facilitate a player achieving the movements they and their golf coach have agreed to work on. I am a scratch golfer myself and my degrees are in Human Biology and Chiropractic and so I understand how a golfer’s body moves both when healthy and injured. I am also involved with providing educational seminars to PGA professionals.

During a Biomechanics assessment I start by finding out what level of golf people play and what their aspirations are for their golf games. I discuss what they have been working on with their swing coach and analyse video of their swing if this is available. My primary aim is to then try to isolate the physical parameters that are holding them back, be it lack of flexibility, lack of strength (in a particular muscle group or area of the body) or a lack of balance in a dynamic action such as the golf swing. This involves performing a series of physical tests and analysing movements that aren’t golf swings but relate closely to golf (this often includes video analysis). Once the golfers’ physical limitations have been found, I assess to what extent I feel these can be improved upon, given that person’s age, injury history and the time they have to devote to a remedial exercise programme which I would provide them and teach them to perform.

The end result is that I hope to work with each player to help them improve their golf performance. Namely increases in: swing speed, driving distance and long game consistency, with the expectation that this can improve their scoring.

There are numerous scientific studies that have demonstrated that an 8-week exercise programme can produce a significant improvement in maximum swing speed in people of all ages. One study showed an average of a 6 km an hour increase in swing speed in a group of golfers all aged over 70; they also significantly improved their performance of a number of other measures of fitness in the 8 week trial period. Equally large improvements have been made by training groups of College golfers in their late teens and early twenties. As part of the biomechanics and training work I also provide advice that improves a player’s warm up routine prior to playing, as well as appropriate post-round stretching to help reduce the risk of golf related injuries.

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